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OurMilkMoney.com Newsletter - March 2009

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Dear Member  ,
At the end of this month, Our Milk Money will officially turn a year old. With over 250 members and nearly 6000 supporters, we're pleased to say that we're not celebrating alone.
To highlight the extraordinary members that have made our accomplishments possible, we've made a recent addition to the site:
The POMMO Index: Here is where you will be able to check out the full list of members, their fantastic businesses, and the market in which to find them in. Now you will be able to connect with more parents across the United States and Canada with less effort!
It's been an exciting year, we've learned a lot and we've been fortunate enough to be able to connect with so many great community activists. Please join us in reminiscing these memorable moments by visiting our newly developed Photo Album. We will continue to add pictures and share many more remarkable connections that have yet to occur in the years ahead together.
We thank you for your continued support and especially to all of our dynamic parent-preneurs who are working so hard to provide for their children. We look forward to growing with you each year!

Ally & Kelli Signature

Ally Loprete & Kelli Shand are the Co-Founders of OurmilkMoney.com
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signaturePregnancy Brain, Mommy Brain, Daddy Brain, Old Age Brain. What makes us so forgetful? Co-founder Ally Loprete gives us her take on the situation and shares with us ways to laugh with one another about how dense we can be as parents. Read more...
The Daddy's Den
Chris Mancini
We are proud to welcome back Guest Blogger, Stand-up Comedian, Funny Father and Comedy Author, Chris Mancini. Read his latest blog:
How I Knew Not to Take My Four Year Old to see "Coraline".
Chris Mancini is a comedian and author. His first book Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked-Out New Dad will be out June 2, just in time for Father's day, and will be featured on Our Milk Money, so stay tuned!
signatureJoin the Father of Our Milk Money, Chris Loprete, as he prepares for the arrival of his new son, brings us back to an enlightening memory of his childhood vacations just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and shares with us the true meaning of exhaustion. Read More...
 There's a New Breed of Women Professionals Out There.
They are Experienced. They are Talented. They are Motivated.
They are women on a mission to redefine their career path.
They are HireMyMom.com
March Member Spotlight 
Amy WilliamsMeet Amy Williams, from Salem Oregon, web and graphic designer, developer, and recent owner of Professional Organizing. Learn about how Amy decided to become a stay-at-home parent, the importance of homeschooling, and how her children are learning the value of entrepreneurship from watching her work from home. Read More...
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Partner Spotlight

 Single Mothers Outreach
The mission of Single Mothers Outreach is to empower parents and their children by providing hope, support and resources so that families can become self-sustaining. We serve our mission through four pillars of support. ASSIST: The goal of this program is to give families a helping hand so that financial setbacks are prevented and resourcefulness is promoted. GROW: We aim to facilitate the development of life skills so that families will be strengthened and become self-sufficient. SUSTAIN: We provide resources to promote education so that parents may reach academic and career goals in order to improve their family's economic status. INSPIRE: These programs are designed to encourage and celebrate success so that parents are motivated to persevere.Read more about our other partners...
Start up nation
The Leading Moms in Business Competition is NOW!
Member Article - Clear & Present Dangers
Sarah EricksonDo you ever wonder what lurks in your household cleaners?
What about the personal care products that you use on yourself & family each and every day? 
Have you ever found it hard to breathe while you are doing routine tasks like cleaning?
Sara Arrington, Marketing Executive for Safer Earth shares with us some safer, better choices when it comes to cleanliness, safety and effectiveness - without spending any more money then what you've already budgeted.
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Are you a self Employed Parent? 
 Our Milk Money Supports All Parent-run businesses!
Join Us! OurMilkMoney.com is a national online business directory that caters specifically to all self-employed parents started by two stay at home moms in LA.  We encourage consumers as well as other members to support family run businesses and to use the directory when making their every day purchases. The idea is to help every small business grow and allow every parent to provide more for their children.
The annual membership fee is only $25. If you are interested in having your business listed in the directory, please JOIN US. You may do this with each of your family run businesses.