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The 2010 Holiday Gift Catalog


A Little "MILK MONEY" Goes a Long Way!






To Our Friends and Supporters,


The Parents of the Our Milk Money Organization are grateful to you for supporting our desire to provide for our families through our home based businesses. As you search for the perfect gifts for your own loved ones, please consider the products and services that we are offering this holiday season. Your "milk money" is a gift not just to your own families, but to ours as well. With a little commitment from everyone, we are building a life of togetherness for our families and the future of our children.


This holiday season, the OMM staff has made a collaborative decision not only to do the majority of our holiday shopping from within the OURMILKMONEY.COM PARENT BUSINESS DIRECTORY, but also to request that our own gifts be purchased from a POMMO.  We invite you to do the same!  Not only will you will be getting great products at reasonable  prices, you'll be supporting the families you purchase from and helping us in our mission of bringing 1 million parents home!





We are a company inspired by and created for smart women - who happen to have smashing taste. 

Yes, we are a jewelry company with an irresistable collection.  We offer it with business savvy and a heavy dose of passion.

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Cloisonne Bangle

from The Wish Place


This beautiful bracelet is a brand new vintage jet black cloisonne bangle with enamel accents.  The inside diameter is 2 1/2 inches.  Available in more colors. Special price for OMM members: $9.00 (a savings of over 50%) plus shipping.


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Ultimate Body Applicator


Our Ultimate Body Applicator will help to tighten, tone and firm your skin and easily help you get the results you are looking for. 

Purchase 4 Ultimate Applicators for $49 by becoming a Customer Loyal.


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Holiday deals on everything for kids at! 

New & handmade treasures...resale bargains too! 


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Journal - Plantable


When we think, we write.  When we write, we grow.  That's the idea behind the Think, Write & Grow Journals.  These make excellent gifts for the writer in your life!  With a plantable cover and 150 pages of lined, eco-friendly inner pages, this journal invites you to put pen to paper and grow as you write.  Special OMM price: $19.95 + shipping (a savings of 25%) Featured is the Green Leaf Journal.  Also availble in Orange Branch and Brown & Blue


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Wee Little Sparrow


A delightful blend of textures, patterns and details inspired by nature. Garment dyed hues create depth and softness. Hand-crafted bodysuits and tees made with love. Nestle your little one in Wee Little Sparrow.


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Personalized Room Decor


Personalized room decor creatively hand painted with your choice of words, themes and colors! 

Great gift ideas for all!

6" x 18" Name Plaque only $43.00 with FREE Shipping for OMM members.  Order here.  Be sure to include necessary details for design, themes, etc. & make sure to mention you are an OMM member for the FREE shipping.


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Gourmet Mixes


Wonderful mixes to tantalize your taste buds!  Enjoy easy to give gifts from homemade jam, jelly and fruit butter to delightful scone mixes, bread mixes and comforting soups.  


Use coupon code MILKMONEY at checkout and receive a free cheese ball mix with your order of $10 or more.


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UGG Sundance Blue Backpack

UGG Australia Small Sundance backpack with fluffy suede flap and tie closure!  Comes with dustcover.

Special price for OMM members: $95 which includes shipping!


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UGG Magazine Tote

from The Wish Place


Sand with Dark Brown trim - fur accents & inside top toggle closure.  One side zip and 2 multi function pockets.  Comes with dustcover.  Special price for OMM members: $125 which includes shipping!


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Beautiful Handmade Mommy or Grandma Bracelets from ZarStar Designs!


Choose crystals, blue sapphire, opal, emerald, burgundy, diamond or turquoise with sterling silver beading.  $25 includes gift wrap and standard shipping.


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Crafty Baby


At Crafty Baby we handcraft fun and functional creations for children.  Made in the USA, our line consists of nap mats, clutch balls, bibs, changing pads, pillowcases and blankets.  And our products are kid tested and   approved!  Coming soon: our ultimate art smock!  Join us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and news!


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Scentsy Wickless Candles


Scentsy wickless candles are wickless, flameless, smokeless, eco-friendly scentsthat slowly melt by the power of a low-watt bulb in a beautiful warmer.  No messy wicks, pollution or fire danger.  Over 80 scents and beautiful warmers, including night lights.  Wax never evaporates or singes your warmer!



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Gift Certificate from ZarStar Designs!


Custom made jewelry created and personalized just for you! Certificates available starting at $25.


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Usborne Books


Visit us on Black Friday to save 40% - 70% on some of our best sellers and again on Cyber Monday for a suprise sale! 


Throughout the holidays, we're offering up to four customer specials for each purchase of $40 or more.  Shop now or visit ExploreWithUsborne At Usborne Books we make finding FUN!


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Thanking Out of The Box


In everyday life we have many ways to express our thanks.  So why do most printed thank you notes always just say 'thank you'?  That's why we came up with "Thanking out of the Box" and it has become a best seller!  8 different two layer cards with silk grosgrain ribbon and 8 matching colored envelopes.  White gel pen included.  It's almost as if the 'thank you' is a gift in itself.

Special price for OMM members:  $20.00 plus shipping (a savings of 32%)


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Skincare and Nutritional Products for your family's health at


Because wellness is a gift worth giving!



Our Milk Money