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April 5, 2009

OurMilkMoney.com April 2009    

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Spring is in the air.....
Our Milk Money celebrates its 1 year anniversary! We'd like to thank all of our contributing members and supporters who have made our success possible. It has been a fantastic first year! Our mission, now more than ever is critical. We stay dedicated to supporting mom and dad entrepreneurs through these tough economic times, and always. Our organization aims to support, inspire and connect parents, while promoting their businesses. Through networking, bartering and shopping with each other we can only succeed. We must stay positive, do what we love and the rest will follow.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

Have you heard? Our Milk Money is being featured in the May issue of  Working Mothers Magazine!

The Daddy's Den
Welcome British guest blogger Andrew Shand  (A New Dad, In a New Country)
Hear Andrew recount growing up in a council estate on the south coast of England and how his experiences shape the way he raises his boys. Andrew discusses discipline, alcohol, guns and patriotism as he adjusts to fatherhood in the USA. Read Andrew's blog...

April Member Spotlight

Meet Kandra Morales who just moved back to Southern California from the Southern Oregon Coast, to be near her family. She is a full-time work at home/ stay at home mom of two little ones. Discover her success at working from home and the freedom it gives to care for her special needs child. Read more...

There's a New Breed of Women Professionals Out There. They are Experienced. They are Talented. They are Motivated. They are women on a mission to redefine their career path. They are HireMyMom.com!

Member Article
Hey, How’s Business? (You too, eh…?)
The question is on everyone’s lips these days.  We ask and then flinch, waiting for the answer that’s probably coming. We ask, and sometimes we really don’t want to know the answer.  Other times we’re hoping to hear that we’re not the only one sliding down the slippery slope into a deep dark hole. Read More...
Judith Cassis, C.Ht. is a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach.  Having worked in the field of personal development since 1983, Judith produces seminars and tele-seminars on this topic.  She is the author of many articles, as well as a book series and action guide titled Success Made Simple.

Our Milk Money Blog

Co-founder Kelli Shand shares the joys of being a mother to 3 young boys & coping with bickering, tantrums and sibling shenanigans in her new blog "Mommy Needs a Time Out." Finding that quiet time is not always easy when you're a mom! Read more...




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