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August 1, 2009

OurMilkMoney.com August 2009    

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Dear Supporters,

The other day I was feeling a bit sad and wondering if what I was working to accomplish in OMM was making a difference. That night I ran into an old friend who coincidently paid me the biggest compliment, and completely turned my day around. He said, "I love what you are doing with Our Milk Money!  Every month, I read your newsletter from start to finish, read all the blogs, and even search the directory for new members. I think what you are doing is fantastic, and you should keep up the good work!" This was exactly what I needed to hear, and it inspired me to keep on track. It made me realize how far one little compliment can go for us. When dealing with large businesses, we may have felt that our opinions have gone unheard, but in small business, positive reinforcement goes a long way. Therefore, I invite each of you to make an effort to tell someone today what they have meant to you. So often we go through life never knowing when we have touched someone, and it doesn't have to be that way, especially now when family run businesses are exploding! Lets all make an effort to "pay it forward" and keep supporting one another. On that note, we appreciate YOU. Thanks for supporting us each month and using the Our Milk Money directory to search for everyday products and services. 



 Daddy's Den
Please welcome back British guest blogger and dad to 3 young boys, Andrew Shand! Read Andrew's perspective on the hot topic of  Health Care Reform, from one who knows first hand about socialized medicine.  Read more… Don't forget to leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

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August Product Spotlight

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This month's features:
Cedar Valley Publishing -"Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten" Book
 Creativeleigh Yours
- T-Shirt

Congratulations to last month's winners:
Lorraine Padilla won: "THE GREEN CRUSADERS - Book #1 "The Filaments See the Light"

Theresa Stauffer won: SKIN SO SOFT, AMERICA'S #1 BATH OIL from Avon
Tiffany Durcak won: BUSINESS CARD DESIGN or ANIMATED BANNER from Shabby Lane Shops


Our Milk Money Blog

Ally Loprete, co-founder of Our Milk Money proves you can survive the grocery store with an infant and a toddler! You won't want to miss her super funny tale as she ventures out alone after having baby #2.  Read more...


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Do your kids get bad growing pains and leg cramps at night? Put a bar of soap in between their sheets at bedtime. It works wonders!

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Read Growing Up Green- Tip #1 from OMM member Gary Hillery