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February 2011 Newsletter

Very often we are unaware of how important and significant a person sitting right in front of us might be. How often do we brush off an introduction as a waste of time because we are rushing to be introduced to someone we deem more important? We quickly delete emails or and label them spam because we don't want to be bothered or "sold" or inconvenienced. Life is filled with missed connections, hustle and bustle, and still there are so many question marks that remain in each of our lives.


My question to you is how many life changing relationships are you rejecting before you've allowed yourself the possibility to explore it? At OurMilkMoney.com, we do what we can to get to know each and every member. We spotlight them, encourage and stimulate collaboration among members, and strive to progress each and every day. We recognize the immensity of each parent who has chosen to be their own bosses, a way of life that is filled with risk and sacrifice, simply because of their desire to have freedom.


This is why I created OurMilkMoney.com nearly 3 years ago, and why I continue to grow the movement. Together we are creating a new economy. One that does not enslave us. Challenges make appearances every day, but these brave men and women never give up and I am proud to be a part of their journey.

Thank you for supporting self-employed parents. The "milk money" you give them goes a long way.



To learn more about our decision to cancel annual membership fees, READ MORE or listen to the first 5 minutes of Ally's explanation on This Little Parent Stayed Home.

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At Our Milk Money, we don't discriminate. Moms have great stories to share, but so do the Dads. It is definitely a sign of the times when Dads from all over the world begin to step up as primary care-takers and embrace their roles as stay-at-home parents.
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The "turning 40" clouds are darkening on the horizon.  By the time you read this the skies will have opened up and I'll be soaking wet.  I was fully prepared to suffer hourly panic attacks and sink into a deep depression once the storm hit.  I'm definitely susceptible to a major mid-life crisis, but I think I can stave it off for a few more years.  So stay tuned, because as readers of this blog, you'll get to witness my descent into madness.  That'll be fun for you.
I actually feel pretty good about turning 40.  I've always been one for new beginnings.  Every major calendar event is an excuse to start over.  January 1st?  THIS year's gonna be...

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Chris Loprete, the father of Our Milk Money, began writing his experiences as a new father upon the launch of Our Milk Money, calling his work, appropriately, The Daddy's Den.


"My Milk Money Pays for...
...my three fabulous boys who each have an array of interests, great hearts, and wonderful futures ahead of them."
-Denise Hill, Phoenix, AZ  - Simply Chic Repeats



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How to Make the Most of Your Business Listing on OurMilkMoney.com


If you are a parent who has a product or service to offer as a way to earn extra revenue, there is simply no excuse for not being listed in the OurMilkMoney.com business directory.  What is this Our Milk Money you say?   It is the largest parent only business directory in the world and it was created by me more than 3 years ago.  The organization recently announced that it would no longer be charging an annual membership fee.  Therefore, the benefits of listing a business or two, or three, is available to anyone who fits the criteria of "self-employed" parent with an approved online application form.
People ask me all the time, it seems in disbelief, "What's the catch?"  The answer is simple.    Continue reading →


Self -employed Parent Enthusiast Ally Loprete is on a mission to help other’s deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of leaving a full time job to start a new business, while running a full time household and raising kids. She is resolute about creating a haven in which parents across the nation will continue to thrive and obtain the support they need in their personal journeys.
Ally's blogging continues at ThisLittleParent.com



How to Have a Successful Blog

Many of us self-employed parents who have blogs dream of earning money from them.  There are many stories of bloggers earning the “big bucks” and we would like to be one of those ‘stories’.  You can earn money by blogging, if you are dedicated to doing so.

According to Technorati, the average American blogger earns $6,000 per year.  The top 1% earn $200,000 or more.

Blogging requires long hours and a lot of work.  Make sure you pick a subject you are passionate about.  For me, it’s all about helping parents work from home so they can be home with their children.  Find a subject that ‘ignites your fire within’.  You are less likely to get burned out and more likely to stick with it if you do.

If you pick a topic like celebrity gossip, politics, photography or gadgets, thee competition is...Continue reading →

As many of you know from reading Julianne's articles for the past year, her passion, purpose and goal is to help parents work from home so they can be home with their children.  To that end she is working on featuring five parents per week in her column and one parent and their business per week on her blog


If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger on The Our Milk Money Blog Spot, or contributing your own blogs for a collaborative stream, please contact us


We have a huge subscriber base! 

Take advantage of it by advertising in the OMM Newsletter!
If anyone is going to convince the public to buy from parents like you, its us!  Let's give our supporters a wide variety of products and services to purchase this year.  To place an ad, or learn more about pricing, please contact Julianne Wish.




"My Milk Money Pays for...
...our two charming little boys - Andy (2 1/2) & Jonathan (3 months) and supports our household while I finish off school."
-Ashley Briggman, Colorado Springs, CO  - D&H Specialists




Meet Lexi Butler! 
Lexi is a certified Goldsmith, Jewelry Designer/Beading Artist and owner/creator of Beaded Jewels.  Her passion for creating unique jewelry began at an early age and in January 2008 she began her own company, Beaded Jewels.  In 2009 she founded the Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope Mission which promotes cancer awareness and many other causes through handmade bracelets.

Beaded Jewels is an online boutique where you will find an exquisite Collection of Unique, Handcrafted, Beaded, Trendy, Woven and Wire-Wrapped jewelry and accessories ready for sale.

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Meet Larry & Anne Yatch!
Lt. Lawrence J. Yatch II (ret) is an 11 year veteran of the US Navy SEALs and is the CEO of Sealed Mindset.  Anne Yacht is the VP/Director of Operations of Sealed Mindset.  The company offers personal safety solutions to private citizens.

Sealed Mindset is the first online awareness and personal safety educational program for families.  This information has never before been offered to the private citizen. It is based on the U.S.Navy SEAL mindset and skills used to observe, assess and avoid threats.  This interactive online education combines 30 years of elite training into...

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Meet Leanne Sedlak!

Leanne is a proud consultant of the Ava Anderson Non Toxic company that specializes in non-toxic consumer products.  She is dedicated to educating  consumers on the dangers and chemicals that are present in their everyday personal products.
"As an AANT consultant I educate consumers on the hazardous toxic chemicals in skin care and cosmetics.  I show them what ingredients to look for, how to research their own products and I offer a safe solution for those wanting to make the switch..."
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"My Milk Money Pays for...
..helping to keep our lives in alignment and balanced."
-Allison Sutter, Chicago, IL  - Living 360


How to Build Your Email Marketing List


First Of All, Why Is Your List Important?
Building lists of subscribers, prospects, and customers is one of the most important activities your business can undertake. Once built, permission-based email lists can create sales for your company for years to come.

Tip #1 For Building Your List: Networking

Whether you have an online or offline business, networking has always been an effective way to build relationships and generate sales. In most cases, people exchange business cards or pass along leads when meeting. This contact information is then used to build your database.

Quick Tip: After a networking opportunity, get in the habit of sending a quick email message (no more than 3 days later) to all of the people you spoke with. Start by recapping your conversation, and then ask each contact for permission to be add them to your email list.

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Sassy Shops - Katie Newman - Houston, TX
Simply Chic Repeats - Denise Hill - Phoenix, AZ
Beads of Awareness - Jennifer Weeks - Cleveland, OH
Consignamania - Jennifer Gifford - Nashville, TN
D&H Specialists - Jared & Ashley Briggman - Colorado Springs, CO
Neela Woodard Design - Neela Woodard - Newark, NJ
Living 360 - Allison Sutter - Chicago, IL
Maddisin & Mason Gifts - Stephanie Nugent - Framingham, MA



"My Milk Money Pays for...
...families who need help with clothes"
-Rocky Stayart, Beverly Hills, CA - Tooo Much International





Airing Live each Friday at 6pm EST / 5pm CST on

Parents, what you don't need is another public motivator telling you to stand up and take action. I am convinced that you already have the motivation you need to make a change for the better. What you don't have are the tangible solutions to put your enthusiasm into action. We've just started a new 13 week series and this time we are going to bring you real hands on courses of action that will allow you to leave the traditional work force and come home!
These next 13 weeks we'll be bringing you step by step tutorials on things like approaching your current employer with a telecommute proposal, surviving as a family on a single salary, and how to effectively barter yourself and your services to compensate for what may be lacking in your bank account. We'll bring you already established home based business models, like mom blogging, virtual assisting, project management, and a whole lot more. 



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Open Staff Positions
If you are looking for ways to get more involved in the OurMilkMoney.com Organization, we have some new staff positions available. Each position is currently a volunteer position, but we compensate you in a variety of different ways! At the present time we offer extra perks including advertising and promotional packages, opportunities to host your own radio show, as well as free life and business coaching sessions with Ally. We are recruiting in the following positions:
Director of Social Networking
Sales and Sponsorship Associate

Website and Applications Programmer

Grant Writer


If interested, please let us know of your interest and why you feel you can best contribute to our growing organization.



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