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July 2010 Issue

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Help Bring 1 Million Parents Home

Because we can't do it without you. Sign the Parent Collective now and let everyone know that you are on board with the mission!

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Recent Press

Watch our news segment  on ABC, Channel 10, Sacramento & Company!

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Watch the Television Sizzle!

We always have new things in the works, and now we are working on is a new reality television series that will help bring more parents home. Watch the sizzle and tell us what you think!

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Radio Schedule

Check our updates to see the fantastic guests scheduled to appear on This Little Parent Stayed Home!

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Tidbits Magazine

We've partnered with a great new resource! Read Ally Loprete's weekly column, plus the columns of other great entrepreneural experts!

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Work at Home Partners Achieving Lifelong Success!
We would like to partner with others who are determined to work from home! No matter your reason, if you are as determined as we are, we would like to hear from you. No sales, no retail, no inventory. Maureen: 630-585-6470















Welcome to!


The year is half over and its been filled with a great deal of ups and downs for so many of the parents that I have been talking to every day. It's all part of the mission that we are on to BRING HOME 1 MILLION PARENTS, as well as support the ones that have already made the choice to stay home with their children. I am so proud of the parents who have set their sights high and are manifesting such vibrant goals. But we must not forget to enjoy the journey itself.


Please remember to use the business directory to make your everyday purchases. The value of your hard earned dollar is more significant when it is given 100% to a family.




"My milk money pays for...
...Day care for my children - and fun for Grammy!"
-Sharon Holbrook, Sacramento, CA  - Cybertary 

 At Our Milk Money, we don't discriminate. Moms have great stories to share, but so do the Dads. It is definitely a sign of the times when Dads from all over the world begin to step up as primary care-takers and embrace their roles as stay-at-home parents.   Visit the Daddy's Den Now

Welcome back guest blogger, Nathan Bright, a 30 something stay-at-home-dad, author and illustrator who shares with us his experiences as the true "Mr. Mom" Complete with humor and honesty, Nathan gives us a true depiction of what life for Daddy is like in The Candy Bar Sermon. (read more)


"My milk money pays for...
...the opportunity to meet more parents like me and to learn from them and perhaps offer my services to them as well..."
-Ali Wright, San Diego, CA - English/Spanish Translations by Ali 


If you're like most parents, you'd prefer your child not see a nanny, or the inside of a daycare more than they see you.  Well, here is some good news: becoming a self employed parent is a possibility for everyone.  Yes, even you.  Read OMM Founder, Ally Loprete's latest tip You Too Can Become a Work at Home Parent (read more)

Want more? Ally's blogging continues at

Read about whether or not A Direct Sales Business is Your Answer to Working from Home.   Another great blogger is our own Mona Colwell, OMM Director of PR.  Mona is a work at home mom with 15 years of direct sales experience.  In addition to raising her three children and maintaining a leadership position with her organization, Mona has created a company for her almost famous husband, Emerson, and his children's books. (read more)
Julianne Alvarez-Wish, OMM Director of Communications, is back this month with some sage advice in her blog Wishful Thinking.  Her latest article: Work/Life Balance Part III - Get a Day Planner is the third in a ten part series on Work/Life Balance.  
Having a planner, whether it be paper or electronic, is the first step to getting yourself organized.  However, just having a planner in your possessio
n isn't enough - you need to use it and maximize it to make it work for you. (read more)



Introducing our newest blogger: Judith Cassis, C.Ht,  a Personal Development Consultant with 26 years experience. Known as "The Bounce-Back Coach", she works with people who are "bouncing back" from failure, loss or tragedy. Judith is co-owner of a small newspaper,Tidbits of Santa Clarita Valley,  a family business she and her husband, Lee Cadena run with their sons. Through a monthly teleseries, Mama Come Home, Judith supports mothers in staying home or returning home to raise their children. We are thrilled to have Judith as a recurring blogger! Her latest is entitled, Welcome Home, Mama! (read more)


"My milk money pays for...
...To see a girl make it to a Prom or any formal event with a smile on her face and her feel like a Princess is what this program is all about."

-Keri Byer, Austin, TX - Keri's Fairy Godmother Foundation


Meet Ali Wright!  

She is a freelance transcriptionist.  She provides a much needed service by providing English/Spanish translation and transcription services.  She has several years of experience in this field and has worked for some of the major Southern California Universities on various research interviews.  (read more)


Meet Sharon Holbrook!  

As a single mom, Sharon had to miss many of her children's events growing up.  Now she is a grandmother and determined not to miss her young grandkids' events and help out with day care.  To do that, she works with Cybertary... (read more)



"My milk money pays for...
Creating tools to help children manage stress, anxiety and anger while increasing their self esteem."
-Lori Lite, Atlanta, GA - Stress Free Kids



About the Show:
Being able to afford the luxury of keeping one parent home has become one of the most widely common goals in families across America today, yet most families don’t believe its possible to survive on only one income. “This Little Parent” speaks to BOTH parents in a way that encourages coming together as a family unit- so that you are able to provide for your children in the best way possible for your family. Join host, Ally Loprete as she leads us in a new revolution by helping us to realize the reality of our potential, and the potential for a better reality! (read more)



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IES/NetTrav, Kristin Pichler - Chandler, AZ
Heritage Makers/Digital, Kim Yancy - Glendale, AZ


"My milk money pays for ...
...the opportunity to be available for my son full time.."

-Rachel Noble, Nashville, TN - 4am




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