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June 2011 Newsletter

Welcome Summer Parents!


We are overjoyed with the amount of new members that join us each month, as well as the responses we've been getting from the press and bloggers everywhere. What thrills me the most is hearing about all the parents that are connecting with each other. The power really does lie in our collaborations and support of one another.
Through all the progress we've made in this time, my biggest goal for OurMilkMoney.com was to find a way to connect parents and like-minded individuals- so that we'd never again feel alone in our desire to have complete freedom in our at-home careers. I am proud to say that although we are reaching that goal, the plan remains the same: To list every self-employed parent in our business directory across the country. 
If you know a self-employed parent, send them our way!  Happy Reading!



Our Milk Money no longer charges you to list your business in our directory. We are grateful to icontact for covering the organization's business overhead each month to make the free membership possible for you. To learn more about icontact, please visit their site. If you would like to learn more about our decision to cancel annual membership fees, READ MORE or listen to the first 5 minutes of Ally's explanation on This Little Parent Stayed Home.

Our Milk Money is currently accepting donations as an act of good faith. If you would like to make a contribution, our suggested donation is still $25/year. DONATE NOW.
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At Our Milk Money, we don't discriminate. Moms have great stories to share, but so do the Dads. It is definitely a sign of the times when Dads from all over the world begin to step up as primary care-takers and embrace their roles as stay-at-home parents.
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 My Wife Thought I Was at Work, But I Was at the Movies


I know that doesn’t seem like a very provocative title or interesting subject of a blog so let me raise the stakes a little. My wife is reading this for the first time too. When my wife and I have some domestic dust up, I’ve always been pretty good at turning it into a humorous story or blog. Even she gets a kick out of it. Well, I’m taking a chance this time and flipping the scenario. I’m confessing something publicly and hoping she laughs it off BEFORE we fight about it. Will the gamble pay off? Well if it doesn’t…on the bright side I may already have next month’s blog.


So I’ve been ridiculously busy at my job this last month. Lots of late nights and weekends. My department is always busy this time of year because of a big annual presentation the president of our company gives to advertisers and media buyers in New York. Once the presentation is over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief on a job well done. Well, the presentation was given on a Tuesday morning and it’s tradition for our team to take the rest of the day off. Now my wife had an important meeting with her literary agent that night. She was going to take the kids to the supervised play at their preschool and I was going to pick them up. No problem. So I thought…”What would be the harm if I just went to a quick matinee? I haven’t seen a movie in so long. I don’t know when I’ll get to one. I’ve worked very hard at work as well as at home with the kids on the weekend (including giving my wife Mother’s Day weekend off)…why not just go to a movie and I’ll be home to take care of the kids tonight?” Now I’m pretty sure my wife would have preferred that I come home even earlier and help her with the kids. So why didn’t I call my wife and let her know that I was heading to the movies? Um…please save all questions until the end...Continue reading →


Chris Loprete, the father of Our Milk Money, began writing his experiences as a new father upon the launch of Our Milk Money, calling his work, appropriately, The Daddy's Den.


"My Milk Money Pays for...
I have two in college right now.  This will totally help with those expenses."

Joy Klohonatz - Pittsburgh, PA - Biltmore Inspirations


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The Social Media Diet

If you are overwhelmed or even intimidated by all of the social media choices, the lingo and the technologies out there, you may be in need of a Social Media Diet. If what started off as cheap way to get your message seen and heard has turned into a tiresome and over-stimulating experience, the best thing to do is set up your own ground rules. Don’t get run over by the chaos.

Get in. Post your message. Get Out.

Of course, you do need to have some interaction with your connections, but make sure that you are allotting specific time for the social end of it or it could suck the time right out of you. If you are tired of being asked to “join everything” or being told “try it, see what happens” you may be in need of a strategy that will organize all of these clubs as well as measure results for you and your small business. Like the outdated clothes in your closet, if you have not been back to visit in 6 months to a year, the club goes in the garbage. If you find networking time consuming, try setting aside one day of the week to focus on it, or set a goal to spend 20 minutes an evening increasing your numbers.

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Self -employed Parent Enthusiast Ally Loprete is on a mission to help other’s deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of leaving a full time job to start a new business, while running a full time household and raising kids. She is resolute about creating a haven in which parents across the nation will continue to thrive and obtain the support they need in their personal journeys.
Ally's blogging continues at ThisLittleParent.com



Growing Your Blog - Tips and Strategies

Once you have established your blog and you are meeting your initial goals, it’s time to look toward the future.  How do you want to grow your blog?  What are the possibilities for doing so?  You can add monetization methods.  You can offer more value.  Of course, you can also grow your subscriber base.

Here are five tips and strategies to help you grow your blog.

  1. Get involved.  Hopefully, in addition to posting on your own blog, you have been participating on other blogs in an effort to promote your own blog.  If you haven’t, then you should definitely integrate this tactic into your blog marketing strategy.  If you are already commenting on other blogs relevant to your industry then look for ways to become even more active.  You can become a guest blogger.  You could be adding a few more relevant comments to other blogs each day.  By getting involved in your own community, you are more likely increase the traffic to your own blog.
  2. Offer new value.  Is there a way you can add more value to your blog – over and above what you already offer?  For example, you might consider offering a free report, ebook or online course.  You might find a few guest bloggers to help you round out the content on your blog and help provide more information for your readers.  You can also mix it up and offer different types of posts like videos, downloadable checklists and worksheets. 
  3. Hold a contest.  Contests are a great way to help drive traffic to your blog.  Make sure, though, that the giveaway you offer is related to the topic of your blog.  For example, if you blog about sugar gliders, give away a gift certificate to a pet supply store.  When holding a contest be sure to spread the word.  Tweet about it.  Post it on Facebook.  Ask others to help spread the word too.  You might offer them extra entries for every person they refer that enters the contest.  You’ll recieve more traffic because a lot of people will want to enter your contest.  You’ll also gain new subscribers...Continue reading →

As many of you know from reading Julianne's articles for the past year, her passion, purpose and goal is to help parents be their own boss so they can be home with their children.  To that end she is working on featuring five parents per week in her column and one parent and their business per week on her blog


If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger on The Our Milk Money Blog Spot, or contributing your own blogs for a collaborative stream, please contact us


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If anyone is going to convince the public to buy from parents like you, its us!  Let's give our supporters a wide variety of products and services to purchase this year.  To place an ad, or learn more about pricing, please contact Julianne Wish.




"My Milk Money Pays for...
My 4 children and their wonderful mom who stays at home.  We also employ 8 people, who also have families."

Noah Dyer - Phoenix, AZ - Sure Spark Internet Marketing




Meet Andrea Slominski! 
Married 20 yrs in February, with 3 children, one a college freshman, one a Jr in High School and one a freshman in High School Tim & Andrea began baking for friends and family at the holidays and it proved so popular that they decided to offer McLaren’s Shortbread for purchase as gifts for the Christmas and New Years Holidays. They continued to grow  and now MacLaren’s products are available year round.
The delicious Scottish Shortbread has been a tradition in their family for at least five generations; both sides of their family have their roots in Scotland, through the McLaren & Forbes Clans. The family recipe was passed down from Tim’s great-great Gran who lived in Glasgow, Scotland. Each batch is hand-made, baked in clay trays and hand packaged.


1. Tell us about your business and the service that you provide:
McLaren’s is a specialty gourmet food business, focused on hand made foods with a Scottish, British or civilized flair, for afternoon tea, dessert or any special occasion.
We make all of our products by hand, with the finest ingredients available. Our products include:...
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Meet Kendall Petersen!


Her background includes 15 years in the banking and finance industry, including a decade in wealth management as a stock broker.  In her experience, the industry had become so regulated and so litigious that doing your job and doing what’s right for the client had become almost impossible. And even when you do everything right, there is no way to protect yourself from lawsuits so after a decade she decided that it didn’t matter how much money it was paying, the stress wasn’t worth it.


Please tell us about your business and the service that you provide: You know how when some people wake up they don’t feel rested? Or, in the middle of their day they have an energy drop and lose focus, or they have aches and pains that won’t go away? CieAura has a new technology, it’s a holographic chip that when placed ON the skin simulates the effects of acupuncture without the needles. (Because I HATE needles.) There is one that helps you get better rest when you sleep, one for energy, stamina and mental focus, and one to help with aches and discomfort. They are perfectly safe for babies, children and pregnant moms since nothing enters the body, it is all surface and vibrational. CieAura takes 3,000 years of Eastern medicine and merges it with 21st Century technology to create something totally unique...Continue reading

Meet Dhana Cohen!


Meet Dhana Cohen, founder of The Next Big Zing.  Dhana’s company finds and promotes inventors of new products!  It’s a win for consumers…they get to see and purchase the latest new products!  It’s a win for the inventors as they get their product promoted!  Read on to learn about Dhana, what she’s learned and her vision for her company.


1. Tell us about your business and the service that you provide: The Next Big Zing is an innovative way to shop online.  Through video reviews, consumers will have the opportunity to watch, engage in a product or two they love, and then purchase.  Inventors, on the other hand, have an amazing opportunity to get their products seen and heard through a third party endorsed video review…plus given a grass roots marketing program.


2. How did you decide to get started?  I have always had great ideas, developed products and always stopped short…I came up with the idea to promote other inventors and said video is the way of the future!


3. What kind of background of expertise do you have in your field?  My background is advertising and marketing…but from the old school of traditional media.


4. What trends do you see in your current industry?

...Continue reading



"My Milk Money Pays for...
..My son Ethan who is the smartest kid on the planet."
David Landers - Dallas, TX - Dynastar Energy


How to Make Money and Leverage Email Marketing for Your Business


It is typical for email marketing campaigns to top the 2% conversion rates typically expected from direct mail.

In fact, email delivers the highest return-on-investment across marketing mediums by an eye-popping margin of $57.25 for every dollar spent on it in 2005, according to the Direct Marketing Association “The Power of Direct Marketing”(October 2006).

Not only that, but email is delivering sales at an average cost per order of less than $7! Compare this to the average costs per order of $71.89 for banner ads, $26.75 for paid search and $17.47 for affiliate programs, according to the Shop.org “State of Retailing Online 2007” (September 2007).

These facts further support our belief that email marketing can be the highly lucrative tool that will take your business to the next level. The key to such success is knowing how to use email marketing.

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Biltmore Inspirations - Joy Klohonatz - Pittsburgh, PA

Sure Spark Internet Marketing - Noah Dyer - Phoenix, AZ

Dynastar Energy - David Landers - Dallas, TX

Discovery Toys - Diana Stennett - Dallas, TX

Gold Canyon Candles - Jane Henry - Phoenix, AZ

Thirty-One Gifts - Richenda Stallard - Philadelphia, PA

Corporate Pajamas Marketing Solutions LLC - Kelly Shearer - Philadelphia, PA

Lice Detectives LLC - Angie Donenberg - Chicago, IL

Mason & Matisse - Joanna McKenna - Richmond, VA

Essante Worldwide - Chris Manns - Orlando, FL

D&J Computer Services - Derek Donnelly - Los Angeles, CA

Iron WoMan Inc. - Dr. Jeanelle Lanham - Phoenix, AZ

Just Jewelry - Tabitha Burhite - Dayton, OH

Outies - Lindsey Lassak - Los Angeles, CA

Scentsy Products Online - Bobbie Munsey - Houston, TX

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant - Sheryl Newell - Madison, WI

Kid 411 - Christopher McGown - Louisville, KY

Slimy Bookworm - Bola Ajumobi - San Bernardino County, CA

Top Dog Pet Sitting - Kim Eaton - Fort Myers

Virtually Jennifer - Jennifer Falci - Hartford, CT

Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. - Lorita Aiken - Virginia Beach, VA

Ann Becker-Shutte, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist - Kansas City

For Every Home Independent Consultant - Julie Carlson - Birmingham, AL

Casting Moments Life Casting - Amanda Secord - Canada

Rodan & Fields Dermatologists Independent Consultant - Julie Waldrop - Louisville, KY

Melaleuca Representative - Vera Quinlan - Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Air Brush Hands - Ron Allen - Oakland, CA



"My Milk Money Pays for...
...My four wonderful kids, two dogs, 12 chickens and two reef tanks."
Kelly Shearer - Philadelphia, PA - Corporate Pajamas Marketing Solutions



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