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 The Our Milk Money Monthly Newsletter,  May 2010


Buying from Mom and Dad is the new black.
It is a trend that promises to radically reshape everything we've ever known about consumerism. Don't look now, but despite the fact that we are doing whatever it takes to get by on as little as possible,  we are in the midst of one of the greatest societal renovations of all time. It is your commitment to purchasing from small business and using the services that are provided to you by the parents of your community that contributes significantly to the rebirth of the new economy. Your hard work and perseverance has not gone unnoticed.

There is a new boss in town... it's your child.
Never again will we lose sight of where our loyalty lies and where it will be echoed.  If you are a parent, you know that the love you have for your children fills an emptiness that neither a great career nor a sparkling house can fill. That concept is what will continue to drive us in our mission to provide top notch service from our home-based businesses without compromising our need to be great parents. We have taken our priceless, world class corporate experience, and said so long to anyone who threatens our choice to create our own financial stability. Never again will we submit ourselves to lowered standards of our own expectations, nor will we teach our children to do the same.

The time has come to embrace what we know and simplify the rest.
You've worked hard! Now pat yourself on the back, give your kids a kiss and get ready to collect your reward. It's right around the corner- you'll see. Every month we get a little closer to greatness- and for many of us- we've already arrived.

"My milk money pays for...
...a cute little dancer named Laurel who loves her dolls and her puppy."
-Stephanie Whyte, Richmond, VA - Belly Busters

The Daddy's Den
At Our Milk Money, we don't discriminate. Moms have great stories to share, but so do the Dads. It is definitely a sign of the times when Dads from all over the world begin to step up as primary care-takers and embrace their roles as stay-at-home parents.   Visit the Daddy's Den Now

Welcome back guest blogger, Nathan Bright, a 30 something stay-at-home-dad, author and illustrator who shares with us his experiences as the true "Mr. Mom" Complete with humor and honesty, Nathan gives us a true depiction of what life for Daddy is like in There's a Monster in My House.

"My milk money pays for... orphanage being built through the Global Orphans Project."
-Kim Upstone, Phoenix, AZ - A New Day A New Vision

The OMM Blog Spot

Join Founder Ally Loprete,  as gives tips and tricks of finding the happiness in our daily lives in The Importance of Mommy Happy Time. The advice continues as she talks about the power of music and her favorite melodic mood enhancers. Read Ally's "Hey, I Love This Song!" CD. Leave a comment and contribute your own favorites!  

Ally's blogging continues at
Read the latest: Some great advice on How to be a Self-Employed Parent on a Shoestring Budget.

Read about whether or not A Direct Sales Business is Your Answer to Working from Home.   This month's guest blogger is our own Mona Colwell, OMM Director of PR.  Mona is a work at home mom with 15 years of direct sales experience.  In addition to raising her three children and maintaining a leadership position with her organization, Mona has created a company for her almost famous husband, Emerson, and his children's books.
Julianne Alvarez-Wish, OMM Director of Communications, is back this month with some sage advice in her blog Wishful Thinking.  Her latest article: Work/Life Balance Part I - Love What You Do is the first of a ten part series on Work/Life Balance.

Being a work at home mom and/or dad can be challenging.  There are a lot of things that require, even demand, your attention every day and most, if not all, of them are probably high on your priority list.  It is easy to get burned out, discouraged, and give up - don't!
One of the keys to being a successful work at home parent is [Read More...]

"My milk money pays for...
...our fun money as a family, trips, dinners, family outings. "
- Mary Kennedy, Van Nuys, CA - Youth Acting Biz

Get to know the Women of Her Insight

The most inspirational women you will ever meet all under one roof.  If you want to be inspired, motivated and educated you don't have to look much further. 
Stacey Kannenberg is the founder of HerInsight.  She is a visionary!  HerInsight is just a piece of her future visions.  Her life's vision is to make the world a better place - finding real solutions to everyday problems. 

Learn More About the Shows on HerInsight

Member Spotlights

Meet Tara Chandler! 
She is a stay at home mom and licensed esthetician who is passionate about non-toxic cosmetics and educating people on safer alternatives in skin care. Although she admits that the scheduling and mutli-tasking has been a challenge, she wouldn't have it any other way. [Read More...]

Meet Roy Uhl! 
Roy has been in sales for 17 years and now enjoys a successful Real Estate Practice.  He also has a second business distributing greeting cards.  His second business compliments his first by helping him stay in touch with his clients easily and effectively.  Read more about Roy and what he sees as the trends in his industries.  [Read More...]

Meet Our Newest Staff Member

Roz Walker, OMM's New Director of Social Marketing is an entrepreneur at heart, having started four businesses by age 11.  She graduated from Oakwood University with a degree in Accounting and worked several years in that field before transitioning to consulting.  [Read More...]


"My milk money pays for...
...the opportunity for me to spend precious fleeting time at home with my darling husband, my sweet little girl and my handsome little boy who are the joys of my life."
-Roz Walker, Chattanooga, TN - Home Business Success Center

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Wonderful for Every Parent
by KatyMcC

Ally offers sage advice for parents and truly the most easy to follow directions on how to come home and be with your family while still being able to help support the. Thank goodness for Ally!

There is Proof in this Pudding
by GPM04

I’ve become so hooked on this show!  Ally Loprete has a way about her that assures you that in additional to sincerely caring, you know exactly what she cares about. Ally takes on not one, but TWO subjects which are highly emotional in today’s family unit landscape: Parenting and Family Income. In fact, this is a refreshing show that provides parents with solid information on how to maximize their business ideas while working from home and REALLY PARENTING their children at the same time. I particularly enjoy hearing about the progress of a caller named Katy, who has some great tasting cookies and needed some input on how to market them while she stays home to parent her children.  In just three weeks, Ally’s marketing advice has inspired Katy to give her cookie business such a positive momentum that I chuckled to hear Katy gleefully complain about how fast things are starting to happen. Thanks for your inspired efforts, Ally.  I’m looking forward to hearing that smiling voice on your next show. (And Katy...send me some of those cookies!)

Pure Genius - Funny, Informative and Timely!
by Jemsmama

I love this show! Ally gives great suggestions so you can stay home with your kids and not lose your crackers, your sense of self or the roof over your head. And she’s funny to boot. I love how excited she gets about parents being able to network and stay at home.  She’s on a mission and I’m with her!

Don’t miss this show!
by Debbie G

Ally is truly inspirational to all parents raising children. I love her show!

There’s encouragement out there- it’s on this show!
by wtrlily

Ally is one informed and dedicated lady with a special point of view! In this day and age we can all use the help she offers. She is funny and authentic, a winning combination. Her mission to bring home 1 million parents makes me tune in each week!  Her tips will not only support you, they help inform the world about how to live their dreams, wishes and desires, and you can’t beat that!

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About the Show:
Being able to afford the luxury of keeping one parent home has become one of the most widely common goals in families across America today, yet most families don’t believe its possible to survive on only one income. “This Little Parent” speaks to BOTH parents in a way that encourages coming together as a family unit- so that you are able to provide for your children in the best way possible for your family. Join host, Ally Loprete as she leads us in a new revolution by helping us to realize the reality of our potential, and the potential for a better reality! Read More... 
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May Show Topics and Guests:

  • 5/07/2010: Open Coaching Day! Phone lines open for YOU!
  • 5/14/2010:  The Importance of Play Time/Outdoor Time for kids and finding a balance for that while working from home. Guest: Shara Lawrence-Weiss of Mommy Perks and Personal Child Stories
  • 5/21/2010: Life Balance in the life of a Parent Entrepreneur. Guest: Laurel Crossley-Byers of Opti-Mom
  • 5/28/2010: Open Coaching Day! Phone lines open for YOU!
  • 6/11/2010: Be a Rock Star Parent! Hot Marketing Tips. Guest: Craig Duswalt of The RockStar System for Success

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"My milk money pays for... to stay home and raise our son. "
- B. J. Livingston, Pasadena, CA - First Choice College Counseling

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"My milk money pays for... son's art, my daughter's sports, the remaining balance for their braces; and any future therapy they may require. "
- Andi Watson, Phoenix, AZ - Living Art Studios

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