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Our Milk Money  November 4, 2009
Do you hear it? Listen carefully. That is the sound of CHANGE.
For so many of us, it is the most beautiful sound we will ever hear. There is no reason to be afraid. It’s a historic time for all of us and those who embrace it will reap the benefits of the new economic revolution. Are you with us? Millions of new parents are born into this country each day, and millions more are capitalizing on free enterprise by providing valuable services from their very own homes! When we become parents, we cannot help but transform into a new purpose! Our priorities become altered, our capacity for love and responsibility increases, we advance, grow and cultivate, become less self-indulgent, more aware and attentive, we modify our budgets, our homes, our social circles, our plans on the weekend, and very often, our careers.
IT’S ALL GOOD, very good. This commonality among us is what will make us take our place in history and keep us united as parents and entrepreneurs. Now more than ever before, we have the power as consumers to rebuild the economy in a way that benefits us and our children. The Parents of the Our Milk Money Organization are contributing to the new historic economic opportunity, empowering one another, and creating new, bigger and better institutions where the old ones have failed. Every dollar you spend has value. Who will you choose to give it to? Join us in the revolution and buy from the moms and dads who have fallen in love with the adorable new “changes” in their lives.
Support CHANGE and remember to take some time to enjoy the music.

"I love OMM and seeing how creative people can be. I love the concept of parents helping each other out. Both Ally and Kelly are brilliant for making this happen and I feel proud to be part of it. Thank you both!!" Nancy Schier, Spiceybrain Designs

Daddy's Den
Please welcome back guest blogger, Andrew Shand. What does fatherhood and the Golden Gate Bridge have in common? Find out in Andrew's new blog "My Golden Gate Kids." As usual, Andrew makes us laugh with his dry sense of humor and funny take on fatherhood! Read more...

"As a consumer, I look forward to supporting other parents by using products and services listed on, and as a business owner I am proud to be a part of something I know will benefit the most wonderful aspect of everyone's" Natasha Duswalt, Owner of Peak Models and Talent

November Member Article
Please welcome new member Teri Williams. Around town, Teri is known as The Bliss Lady. She is a creator...of Bliss! How does she do that? How does she keep it all going? She has a Blissness Plan and she wants to share it all with you. Teri teaches us that each minute provides an opportunity to "awaken"; something to see, something to hear, something to learn, something to love. Read more...

"Our Milk Money has successfully gotten me in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands of prospective clients for literally pennies.  Our Milk Money isn't just a phenomenal investment, it's a gift." Shannon Penrod, Owner of Star Service DVD Solutions


November Product Spotlight
New! -FREE RAFFLE- Visit the site each month to see the latest and greatest product or service being offered by one of our members, and you can Enter to Win for Free! Want more chances to win? Refer a friend! Each referral gives you another entry. (Forward to a friend at the bottom of the newsletter.)

This month's features:
Indigo Dreams: 3 CD Set  from Stress Free Kids

10 Common Fantasies About Motherhood from Dr. Shosh

2 HOUR FREE Virtual Assistant CERTIFICATE from Reay Solutions

1 Custom Book  from Personal Child Stories

 Congratulations to last month's winners:
 Grady Knight won THE SOCBOX from Send Perfect Cards
Stacey Cannon won TIME WISE SKIN REPLENISHING SERUM +C from Mary Kay 
Mona Colwell won 3 HOUR FREE COACHING CERTIFICATE  from Opti-Mom
Lynn Trembly won ORGANIC SOCK MONKEY from Down To Earth Toys

 "Not only is the site user friendly, but the concept is scratches my itch to give business to Mom & Pop rather than the large, emotionless corporations that try to run this free enterprise system in our great country." Martin Freund Owner of MARTICA


New!  Review businesses in your community.
Did you have a good experience with one of the family-owned businesses listed here in the OMM directory? Others in your community will want to know about it. Remember to pay it forward and tell others about your great finds! Review local businesses HERE.

 "This site is providing a great service for anyone who supports putting family first. It looks great and is easy to navigate. I LOVE the dad's forum! Chris is hilarious!" Lacie Burk


 Our Milk Money Blog
Have you noticed that there is no longer a basic definition of what a typical American Family entails? Read Ally's new blog, The New American Family - Start by embracing "change" as our only hope to a brighter future, and see the rainbow at the end of the storm. Read more... We'd love to hear your comments!

 "I am proud to be associated with this website, which enables me to balance my time between being a business person without sacrificing my time with my children."Monika Cheang, Owner of

Hey Dads! We would love to get your input! 
Join in on our new POMMO discussion Stay-at-home/ work-at-home Dads. We'll be sending out a press release this month about the Dads of our generation. Participate HERE!


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