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September 2011 Newsletter


When I first started OurMilkMoney.com, the big driving question on my mind was- What can a million parents accomplish by working together? I knew that it wouldn't be difficult to unify the moms and dads across the country because of the one thing that we so predominantly have in common: our love for our children. We are driven by the parenting instincts brewing inside of us- to care for, nurture and provide for those we love most in this world. For many of us, parenthood has redefined us and our priorities. 

So what can 1 million parents accomplish together? Lets start by applying the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. In other words, use your power as a consumer to make your purchases from parents who are working hard like you to earn "milk money" for their families. Choose to spend your hard earned dollars in a way that supports what you believe in most.

I am thrilled to be bringing you more of what you love this month: Great blogs from Chris Loprete's The Daddy's Den and Julianne Wish's A Wishful Thought, 3 new member spotlights, lots of great new members to meet, as well as direct access to those radio podcasts you might have missed. In addition, we have several opportunities for you to participate in free parenting seminars and home based business programs. Enjoy your read.


It's going to be a terrific fall!



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At Our Milk Money, we don't discriminate. Moms have great stories to share, but so do the Dads. It is definitely a sign of the times when Dads from all over the world begin to step up as primary care-takers and embrace their roles as stay-at-home parents.
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 The Last Kid


It’s a moment we all have to go through. A moment that is profoundly sad. The moment that you realize you’ve had your last kid. My oldest started kindergarten this week. My youngest started pre-school. My babies are growing up. I cleaned out the garage last week and found a storage bin filled with bibs, tiny shoes and onesies. They had all been worn by my first born and been passed down to his baby brother three years later. I got a lump in my throat knowing as I put them away, they would not be worn by another child of mine. My wife and I have two beautiful children. We will not be having another…and I am soooo, so cool with that.

I’m done. I’m ready to move on. Don’t get me wrong. I really loved  ...Continue reading →


Chris Loprete, the father of Our Milk Money, began writing his experiences as a new father upon the launch of Our Milk Money, calling his work, appropriately, The Daddy's Den.


"My Milk Money Pays for...
my daughter's passion for dance!"

Jonna Quigg - Orlando, FL - Jonna's Thirty-One


Here you will find Resource Articles, Membership ContributionsCommunity Posts and our latest Business in a Box Campaign! Don't forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!
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The Hour of Power


We all know how important that first hour is when we wake up in the morning, and how it sets the tone for the rest of our day, but how often are we utilizing that first 60 minutes to our advantage, Here are some sure fire tips to controlling your day before it controls you:

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Self -employed Parent Enthusiast Ally Loprete is on a mission to help others deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of leaving a full time job to start a new business, while running a full time household and raising kids. She is resolute about creating a haven in which parents across the nation will continue to thrive and obtain the support they need in their personal journeys.
Ally's blogging continues at ThisLittleParent.com


Marketing Affiliate Products - Five Way to Boost Sales

You have found a great product that you’re excited about, works very well, and is very useful. You are positive that it will be valuable for your niche so you want to promote it far and wide, where to start?

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As many of you know from reading Julianne's articles for the past year, her passion, purpose and goal is to help parents be their own boss so they can be home with their children.  To that end she is working on featuring five parents per week in her column and one parent and their business per week on her blog


If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger on The Our Milk Money Blog Spot, or contributing your own blogs for a collaborative stream, please contact us


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We are interviewing applicants NOW, who are willing to start their own Home Based Email Marketing Business!
iContact and This Little Parent Stayed Home

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If you are creative, outgoing, a fast learner and you are looking for a way to bring in extra income for your family, you may be our ideal candidate!

Learn more about this opportunity now!

Unfortunately, only one candidate will be selected to win the iContact Email Marketing Business and take part of the radio show reality series.
Think you've got what it takes?



"My Milk Money Pays for...
...some of my bills, car insurance, food, family time."

Demetrius Joseph - Philadelphia, PA - OnPoint Gifts



Meet Kimberly Thigpen!

Meet Kimberly Thigpen.  She is a wife and mother of six amazing children that range from 1 to 18. She is currently employed full time as a Business Analyst in the Banking Industry but her passion is natural soap and products making. In October 2009 she started The Bath Place a natural bath and body products business. She is very passionate about her products and loves what she does.

....  Continue reading

Meet Rebecca Rabson!


Rebecca Rabson is the founding Partner of pb&j Discoveries.  She lives in the Boston area with her two boys and husband, who is also one of her business partners.  Prior to starting pb&j Discoveries, she was a full-time stay-at-home mom to her two boys.  In her prior life before kids, she was a lawyer in New York.

...Continue reading


Meet Stephanie Nugent!


Meet Stephanie Nugent, a 33 year old mother to two beautiful munchkins!  Her daughter is 4.5 years old (and yes, that .5 is VERY important to her LOL) and her son is 18 months old.  She spent 10 years as a Paralegal and was laid off four days before her maternity leave for her daughter ran out…about 45 seconds later the economy collapsed and there wasn’t a job to be found anywhere.  She spent the last 4 years as a SAHM/WAHM until just recently when she had to return to work part time while her husband works his way through some health issues.

...Continue reading



"My Milk Money Pays for...
.. a little monkey named Brayden and the endless list of activities he chooses to be involved in.  Soccer, karate, tennis, hockey, swimming and more.  Occasionally I might use a little of my milk money to get a pedicure or a facial...ssshhh don't tell!
Jennifer Erickson - Seattle, WA - Children's Directory


Living Your Moment was started in April 2009 when Abbey Fatica was trying to figure out a way to make some extra cash. She was a Stay at Home Mom to her daughter at the time and  really wanted to contribute somehow to their income. After searching online for many months, trying to come up products to sell and not being able to find anything that spoke to me, she had an AHA MoMent!

Living Your Moment is ready to take your business to the next level. We know that moms who run small businesses are strapped for time and Living Your Moment will provide affordable marketing for your business by doing the busy work for you. We don’t want to add to your already busy schedule. We want to give you the opportunity to be able to spend more time with your kids or perfecting your product.

Advertising and Marketing your business is a job within itself and that’s exactly what Living Your Moment is committed to do for you. Promote your product to your target audience so that you can see your sales skyrocket through the roof!


If you would like to become a partner of OurMilkMoney.com, and you believe your organization shares a like minded mission with ours, please contact us to start the collaboration!






Jonna's Thirty-One, Jonna Quigg, Orlando, FL

It Makes Scents, Darren Sanford, Memphis, TN

Stella & Dot, Davina James, Phoenix, AZ
A Shoe Addiction, Sophia Gonzales, San Francisco, CA
Baxies, Gloria Roma, San Diego, CA
Battledress, Kari Buffalo, Minneapolis, MN
Close to My Heart Scrapbooking, Kimberly Sullivan, San Francisco, CA
Ellen Gerst, Grief and Relationship Coaching, Ellen Gerst, Phoenix,AZ
Lighten Up and Smile with Hair Shimmers, Ellen Gerst, Phoenix, AZ
Weekend Kits, Anne Hollenbeck
Photography By Genevieve, Genevieve Einwalter, Fresno, CA
BODHD, Cecilia Cusimano, Phoenix, AZ
Karma Nelson Fitness, Karma Nelson, Houston, TX

Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef, Christina Nunez, Phoenix, AZ
Children's Directory, Jennifer Erickson, Seattle, WA
OnPoint Gifts, Demetrius Joseph, Philadelphia, PA



"My Milk Money Pays for...
...my busy family of 6, our organic foods and activities like gymnastics, football, swimming and skateboarding.
Karma Nelson - Houston, TX - Karma Nelson Fitness



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Jacqueline Green has been a parenting educator for over
a decade. Two years ago she got inspired to start the Great
Parenting Show because she couldn’t find a one-stop place
to get answers to the various parenting challenges she and
her clients faced, especially not in an easy-to-use format
for busy parents. Since then she’s been interviewing the top
parenting experts from all over the world, covering almost
every parenting-related topic imaginable.

Our very own ALLY LOPRETE has been
selected to participate!

This breakthrough series begins on Tuesday, September 20th
at 9am PT, 10am MT, 11am CT and 12pm ET 

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Ally Loprete will be speaking on

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
How to be Home Free: 5 Universal Rules to Being Part of
the Self-Employed Movement

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