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September 1, 2009

OurMilkMoney.com Sept. 2009    

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"Hey Our Milk
We used your directory to find ComedyFilmNerds
dotcom. They gave our film, Never Say MacBeth, a great review.
Joe & Tammy
Dear Supporters,

This has been a terrific summer for Our Milk Money, and we are even more excited to dive into what lies ahead in the next several months! When I think of all the things we are accomplishing together, and the cooperative efforts that occur between those that contribute in some way to the organization, I can't help getting a little teary eyed. For so many of our brilliant members, taking that leap of faith into becoming self-employed was one of the scariest things they've ever done. The Parents of the Our Milk Money Organization are some of the most heroic and spirited people we've had the pleasure of knowing, and they should be commended for their courageous efforts to provide for their families. It is our genuine pleasure to connect you to these fantastic individuals months after month.

Thank you for supporting us, and supporting our families!


Daddy's Den
Guest blogger Andrew Shand is back!  Read how Andrew successfully sets off a flea bomb at home, in his new blog: "Our Flea Market." Oh how he makes us laugh! Don't forget to leave us a comment and tell us what you think! Read more....

 September Member Spotlight

Meet Our Milk Money Member Karen Kanefsky. Karen balances motherhood and running a business from home. She shares her advice for other mom and dad entrepreneurs "choose something you will enjoy and will be passionate about and that will fit in your personality and lifestyle. Since consistency is the most important part of every business to have growth, you need to love it and know you won’t tire of it." Read more...


September Product Spotlight

New! Visit the site each month to see the latest and greatest product or service being offered by one of our members, and you can ENTER TO WIN FOR FREE! Want more chances to win? Refer a friend! Each referral gives you another entry. (Forward to a friend at the bottom of the newsletter.)

This month's features:
Discovery Toys (Keri Schneider Rep) - Busy Pets

 The UnCluttered Mother - The Couponizer®

  Congratulations to last month's winners:
Theresa Stauffer won: "Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten!" from Cedar Valley Publishing

Laura Wintemute won: T-Shirt from Creativeleigh Yours

 Our Milk Money Blog
Who really enjoys working out at the gym? Ally Loprete, co-founder of Our Milk Money! Ally confesses how she, like so many of us, avoided the gym...until about 3 months ago. Read her new blog "Motherhood: Perfect Cure for Avoiding the Gym," to find out why she changed her mind. Read more...

We love getting your comments... They are becoming almost as fun as the blogs themselves!


Kid Kwotes

 I peeled an orange for my son, Braden and put it on a plate for him on the kitchen table while he was on the couch watching TV. Then I told him, "Braden, there is an orange here with your name on it." He got up off the couch very enthusiastically, and ran over to the table where the orange was. After a moment of looking very confused, he looked up and asked, "where is my name?"
My son Mason, 4 1/2, is very into Star Wars these days. Yesterday, the convo went like this:
Mason: "What's Obi Wan's name? Obi Wan Kenobi?"
Daddy: Very good, Mason, that's it!
Mason: "Well, what's Obi Two's name?"

Is your kid hilarious? Share your funny stories and kid quotes here. We will be choosing the ones that make us laugh the hardest and posting them here on our newsletter. The next one may be yours!!

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Tip of the Month

Don’t store your bananas in a bunch or in a fruit bowl with other fruits. Separate your bananas and place each in a different location. Bananas release gases which cause fruits (including other bananas) to ripen quickly. Separating them will keep them fresh longer.

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Read Growing Up Green- Tip #2 from OMM member Gary Hillery