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So much has happened over the last few months, we're definitely due for a catch up chat with you, our "charter" members! By clicking here you'll learn about the extraordinary nationwide reaction to Our Milk Money -- and how we've catapulted that widespread enthusiasm into our vision for an expanded website with the purpose of bringing you business from across town, across the country, or both! You'll also find out about our new professional website team that is currently building this functionally robust online system, set to launch very soon! Click here to read more about what's happened so far -- and what's next!...

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We initially thought we'd build our little home-based Our Milk Money website ourselves. These days, building a simple website isn't too complicated -- even if you've got one hand on the kids and the other hand on the computer keyboard! (...although moving and clicking the computer's mouse with an available foot has been a little trickier to master.) But when we got such an enormous and fantastic response to the idea of Our Milk Money, we knew we needed to enlist the expertise and experience of professional website designers who would make OurMilkMoney.com function smoothly and powerfully, and accommodate all of our members' needs as well as the consumers'. Click here to read more about the website team....

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Many of you have had very important questions about Our Milk Money -- and not surprisingly, many of the same questions have consistently been raised. So by popular demand here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Click here to read our "FAQ" page...

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Launching This March...

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Parents offering products and services in your community Hello Ally,

Welcome to Our Milk Moneyís premiere online newsletter! We are happy to inform you that the widely anticipated launch of OurMilkMoney.com is just around the corner!

The concept of OurMilkMoney.com began with a powerful idea shared by 2 moms....

And in only a few short weeks it has exploded into a passion shared by literally hundreds of parents across the country. As inquiries and applications came in, we couldnít help but feel that there was a certain special energy in each of you, and that spirit has continued to drive us to where we are today.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each of you for your encouragement and contributions to OMM. We feel very strongly that we are at the beginning of a fantastic journey and we are proud to have you as a "charter" member.

Help us to show the world that it is possible to belong to a network that is based on a common goal. We know that we will be rewarded for our integrity and our commitment to our families and each other. Your success means our success. We canít do this without a team. YOU are our team. Congratulations on becoming a part of something that matters and may shape the world into something we can be proud of giving our children.


You have already submitted an application to us and have been approved for a complimentary year of membership. Although we already have the information regarding your business which you included in that application, very soon you'll receive a high priority email which will ask you to enter your business information again -- this time into our new online application database.

The information on our online application database has been adjusted to reflect the needs of our consumer search engine. (Your potential customers will be able to search by choosing the largest major market near them, any applicable submarkets that are already in our system, as well as any keywords that will help them in their quest. The results will appear with additional sorting capabilities - enabling customers to find you faster!) So, when you get that email, be sure to enter your information as instructed as soon as possible!


In the middle of all the excitement in getting OurMilkMoney.com up and running, we'd like to pause for a moment and give special thanks to members just like you who are helping this idea take off beyond our expectations! With every newsletter, we'll be recognizing another group of fantastic people in our new community of parent entrepreneurs. Get involved in our collective growth and you just might find yourself featured here in future newsletters! Click here to read more about them....


There is still time for new members to join -- and yes, if they join BEFORE the public launch in March, they'll get membership FREE for one year! So, if you would like to refer other parent entrepreneurs to us before we launch, have them send an inquiry email to info@ourmilkmoney and we'll respond to them with an application.

Or if you forward this email to them, they can click the blue "Join Now" button at left for further instructions. Either way, if they're professional contacts or friends of yours who are also parent entrepreneurs working from home, we'd LOVE to hear from them and bring them "on board" for FREE before Our Milk Money sets sail in March!


As we said, watch for that next email regarding adding your business info to the database. Until then -- take a moment to read the Featured Hot Topics articles linked at the top left to bring you "up to speed", be well, spread the word, stay enthused about Our Milk Money, and we'll be back in touch soon!

We're in this together! -- Take care,

Ally & Kelli

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