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OurMilkMoney.com Newsletter - November 2008

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Dear Member  ,
So many of us are heading into the holiday season with a different perspective of what celebration means to us as compared to years passed. Due to changes in the economy and the uncertain political state of our country, moving into the holiday season for many is indistinct and yet, at the same time, much needed.  
We encourage each of you to see this as a time to be thankful for all that we still have, and to feel blessed by your families and loved ones who make the holiday time the most special.
We are incredibly proud to see how the Parents of the Our Milk Money Organization have come together in such a short amount of time, and despite the struggles that so many of us have endured recently, the sincere support that continues to thrive in our online community, and the faith that somehow we will all get through this together.
We hope that you, our supporters, will continue to take part in our mission, whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or close friend of a family, and continue to support us in your every day purchases. We welcome you to OUR FAMILY, and give thanks for you.

Ally & Kelli Signature

Ally Loprete & Kelli Shand are the Co-Founders of OurmilkMoney.com
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Enroll yourself in our monthly drawing for an unlimited amount of times simply by telling us about the connections you've made with our members.

By doing so, you could win fabulous prizes donated by the members themselves!  

This month's free prize donation: 

Jane Loedding, Artist & Owner of Creative Name Signs will donate a 6" H x 18" L name sign valued at $38.00. The winner's name sign will be creatively designed with the personalization, colors and theme of choice.  

There is still time to participate in the next raffle!
The next drawing will be on November 5th.  

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Congratulations to Alisa Rogoff of Mary Kay Inc who won a set of Town Deck fitness flash cards from Exercise Rhymes, LLC
Gary of GreetingCookie.com won a $20 gift certificate from My Miracle Baby.com.
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Forever Impressions

SupermomThe Truth Behind the Mask
Learn the undisclosed secrets of a real life supermom! In this exclusive story, you'll experience the never-before-seen vulnerability of America's favorite superhero, unmasked, and exposed for all to see.
Read Ally Loprete's latest blog on what it means to be called "supermom" and what the term is doing to our society. Read More...
Daddy's Den
James and Lily at the beachThis month please welcome our newest guest blogger, comedy writer, James C. Ferguson. We are proud to introduce James to the Daddy's Den as he brings a new perspective to fatherhood. As a new father to adorable 2 year old Lily, James has some pretty strong opinions about the cartoons his daughter is being swayed by, namely Curious George.
Next Month Daddy's Den Host Blogger, Chris Loprete will return. To read passed blogs, visit The Daddy's Den.
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shabby lane shops
We are in the News!
Work it momRead Ally Loprete's Member Close-Up Interview as seen in Work It, Mom!  
Learn how she started her company out of a desire to help work-at-home parents, and has been happily watching her business grow.

Partner Spotlight

The Heartlink NetworkThe Heart Link Network, founded by Dawn Billings, a parenting and relationship expert, is a female networking organization dedicated to linking women to resources, new ideas, products, services and especially the hearts of one another. These inviting, networking gatherings are the perfect opportunity for women in business to showcase who they are, and what they are passionate about. Read more... 
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Member Article - Are You Prepared?
Tiffani Lawton, registered nurse, doula and owner of Pampered Pregger and Beyond offers interesting insight and helpful tips for those that are expecting.  Get more prepared with your post-partum plan, by taking this experts advice!

Eamon's blog spot

Tiffani's son Eamon was recently diagnosed with Mild Autism. You can help Eamon continue his much needed therapy by purchasing this recipe book for only $1! 
November Member Spotlight 
Mandy and daughterMandy Vemulapalli is a Freelance Writer, Internet Marketer, Health and Wellness Entrepreneur leading teams both online and locally in the fast- growing field of genetically customized nutrition - Genemoms
Raised in Arizona, Mandy has also lived in NYC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago and Sydney. She has an MFA in Creative Writing as well as a background in theater and sports. Her husband of three years works in the financial services industry and together they have a 22-month old daughter.
What People Are Saying
"Being a member of Our Milk Money is a must have for the self-employed parent. Not only are you instantly connected to a consumer market, but you are also connected to a support system that goes above and beyond the usual network group...As a shopper and business owner when you purchase goods or services from a member, you know your purchase goes directly to support a family." 
 -Maureen Daniels, Owner of Online Shopping Boutique
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